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Kid-Created Company "Eraselet" Wins Big with JA



<>Eight-year-old Audrey Frazee was always losing her erasers. No matter what she did, she could never seem to keep track of this essential second-grade tool. Then one day she casually said to her mom that she?d "just tape (an eraser) around my wrist or something." Thus, the idea for the Eraselet <> was born.Audrey created the term "Eraselet" for a bracelet that erases and the family bought the domain name just for fun. In 2010, Audrey?s mom Kimberly McCain left her job to grow the company. More than three years later, Audrey and Kimberly and their family have sold more than 3.5 million colorful, soft rubber Eraselets. Their biggest customer? Junior Achievement, of course! ?Junior Achievement USA purchased one million bracelets for JA Economics for Success?as well as the redeveloped JA Our Region?program in its first purchase order. Just recently, JA purchased 990,000 more Eraselets, bringing its grand total to nearly 2 million. In JA Economics for Success the volunteer gives the students an Eraselet wristband in the second session and directs them to apply their new knowledge by playing a virtual game that explores education and the world of work. JA has printed a URL on the wristbands for students to easily find the online games.JA Our Region introduces students to entrepreneurship and social studies learning objectives, including region, resources, supply chain, and problem solving by weighing risk and potential reward. The Eraselets are used in the first session, not only as an important program take-away, but as a way to help students stay connected to the program concepts and remember their experience. Audrey is an entrepreneur this group can relate to easily."I am so excited about Junior Achievement and what we can do to promote it. I wish I had been involved in JA growing up, because it sure could have taught me a lot," Kimberly said.Last year Eraselet competed in Walmart?s second "Get on the Shelf" contest that allows winners to sell their products on and potentially benefit from the power of Walmart?s marketing team. The contest included opportunities for the public to make its voice heard through online voting. Even though Eraselet did not win the competition, the company still benefited greatly from the publicity it received.Building a company has been an enriching experience for Kimberly, Audrey and their family."What I love about it is (my daughters) are not limited in their imagination as to what they can do as they grow," Kimberly said. "When I grew up the thought was, ?what good company am I going to get a job at and work for 25 years?? I love the ability for my kids to look outside that box and say, ?what can I create to not only provide a living for myself but for others??"Eraselet is in the process of re-branding and launching a retail campaign. Soon they will start using a full-color digital press which will make the designs unlimited.?Kimberly said she recently joined?The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA <> ) as well as an entrepreneur center in Nashville."We are going to have everything from dump trucks to fire trucks to kitty cats and puppy dogs," Kimberly said.Eraselet has hired an artist from New York to create all the new designs. The Eraselets that currently exist on the website will be referred to as "the classics" since they are the original designs. Eraselet uses the Alliance Rubber Company <> located in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to print the erasable bracelets."This is a 100 percent made in the USA product," Kimberly said. "I love working with Alliance Rubber Company because I can make sure the quality and safety of the product is there. This is no language barrier and the factory is close enough that I can drive there if I need to."Kimberly said Eraselets success hasnt changed Audrey one bit."What Audrey enjoys most of all is giving the bracelets away to her friends. She loves to take them to school and get the students ideas of what they think of the new bracelets."The Goodlettsville, Tenn.-based company is most involved in the promotional products industry. Eraselet makes customized products for schools and nonprofit organizations--in fact, this comprises the majority of their sales. ?Soon the company will be entering the specialty toy and retail markets."The individualization part of the company really is my baby. I love the excitement, talking to the customers and bringing spirit to the schools and nonprofits we work with.?Its just a blessing all the way around," Kimberly concluded.Click here <> to read more about Eraselet from an article in USA Today.[Image] <>

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